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As she stood outside a church, alongside people holding signs saying Youre Going to Hell, Lauren Drain tried desperately to remain out of sight. She shuffled to the end of the line of members of the Westboro Baptist Church, overcome by her horror. Lauren had been sent - alongside friends, family and other church members - to picket a childs funeral. She didnt know the child, but she knew s【香港管家婆玄机彩图 搜索 】he would have to hold a sign for grieving relatives to see. It was the moment Lauren had been dreading all day. For the fi【玄机一肖诗 】rst time since she joined the church as a young child, she was horrified by the part she was playing. Lauren said: We had always protested odd events, but when the church sent me to picket an innocent childs funeral, I felt ashamed and disgusted. Lauren Drains childhood was far from normal (Image: laurendrainfit/Instagram) I tried to be as far down the picket line as possible so my sign wasnt as visible and I was hoping the media wouldnt approach me that day. Westboro Baptist Church has one overriding belief - if youre not part of their community then God hates you. And the death of a child is Gods way of punishing you for not following the path of righteousness, something the church was determined to shout loudly to all who would listen. Lauren holding up a God Hates The【赛马会网上红包 】 World sign in 2007 - compared to now (Image: Gofund【香港马会特码免费资料大全 】me) Westboro Baptist Church Mem【新凌波微跑狗图 】ber Betty Phelps Pickets Outside of the Supreme Court (Image: Rex) Read MoreRelated ArticlesWoman discovers long-lost brother is now one of the worlds richest men Lauren Drain is a successful nurse and fitness coach, happily married and living in Florida. Its t【123图库跑狗图 】he kind of life that many of us think is pretty normal - but for Lauren normality is something she will never take for granted【2020管家婆玄机图99 】. Because Lauren, now 31, was once a member of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas. The religious group has hit headlines across the world for their extreme valu【2012年东方心经a 】es and their penchant for picketing the funerals of US veterans - and even children. Theyre often spotted holding signs with slogans like God hates fags and Thank God for dead soldiers. Lauren escaped the hate-filled cult when she was 21, leaving behind her family, includi【949494con四肖选一肖 】ng her sister Taylor, 26, brother Boaz, 15, and youngest sister Faith, 13, who have all remained devoted members. The family is so devoted to the church, in fact, that she has only spoken to her dad once in the last【全年无错单双四肖 】 decade, after he cut all ties with her and the rest of her relatives. Losing her family is a harsh reality that Lauren has had to face as she made her way in a world that she was taught is full of hate. Unlike many members of the church, Lauren wasnt born into it. She knew what life was like on the outside. She had friends, a sch【123历史图库2o18 】ool, teachers and a life. But that was all turned upside down when her father, Steve Drain, 51, began filming a documentary about the church - and suddenly decided that he wanted to follow their way of life. Lau【娘子在家等郎归打一肖 】ren, her mother, Luci Drain, 51, and her siblings were told they were moving from Florida to Topeka in Kansas to start afresh. Lauren (top right) with her family Westboro Baptist Church holding their extremist signs (Image: REX) Read MoreRelated ArticlesHarrowing moment 18-month-old baby is held down on hot coals in sinister religious ri【2017六肖十码中特资料 】tual Her father had started to believe that Westboro was the only true church left in America and【123跑狗玄机论坛 】 gave his family no choice in the matter. Lauren told Mirror Online: My father had already pulled me out of public high school and started to home school me, so I had lost contact with most of my frien【会游泳的动物打一肖 】ds. I was no longer allowed to communicate with my former friends and the isolation/seclusion started happening righ【2020创富发财玄机图113 】t away. When he told me we were joining the church, I had a mixture of emotions. Nervous and curious -【888.2020 】 but without any options really. I trusted that my father wanted what was best for our family but I was definitely hesitant and I had no idea how much my life would change. Before the family could become part of the c

hurch, Lauren 【2020 052期新报跑狗图 】remembers having to demonstrate good behaviour in front of a【今期必中哪吒 】ll the members. Lauren (c) was desperate to leave the church after being sent to picket a childs funeral (Image: Gofundme) Westboro Baptist Church protest against the legalisation of gay marriage in Ireland - with the wrong flag (Image: @WBCSaysRepent / Twitter) Read MoreRelated ArticlesSaudi cleric claims women shouldnt be allowed to drive because they have a quarter of a brain Lauren said: If a single member didnt think you were worthy, you were not allowed to join. We were taught that the only thing waiting for【3d今天成语玄机 】 us was hell, death, disease and destruction if we chose not to join the church. Once the family had been【香港跑狗图一句话 】 accepted, Laurens daily routine was a far cry from the life she was once used to. She said: Id wake up, go to school and study with other members of the church. They became my friends and I enjoyed this. I always got straight As in school. But then Id have to come home and picket or protest somewhere with hateful signs and messages. After that, Id either look after the younger members of the church or go to work before finishing the day with Bible study or a family movie night. There was l【必中人物李白是何肖 】ittle to no free time for any other activities. We were expected to be exemplary members of society at school, at work and anywhere we went. The Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas (Image: Google St【天下彩1天空彩票天空彩 】reetview) The Court heard arguments in a lawsuit involving whether members of the controversial church have a constitutionally protected right to protest at the funerals of members of the military Read MoreRelated ArticlesRastafarian mum slams school for religious discrimination after teachers order son to cut dreadlocks I think in some ways, the way I was raised did keep me out of trouble. I never partied in college and I didnt wear makeup, date or d【亿打一肖 】rink alcohol until after I left the church but those are all things that should be done in moderation anyway.【3d童子报码图0o期 】 Although she liked some aspects of church life, w【二四六每日闲情图 资料 】hen Lauren turned 21 she realised she didnt want to 【pg123跑狗 】be part of the community anymore. It was a sudden decision, based on one particularly despica【3期极限平特尾 】ble act the church made her carry out. Standing in the picket line at a young childs funeral, Lauren desperately wanted to escape - but was terrified of the consequences. She said: I knew I was starting to question the beliefs I had been taught. But I didnt talk to anyone else about leaving. I was too fearful I would lose my family to ever try and leave the church. But in a cruel twist of fate, Lauren found herself banished from the religious community【绿水蕩漾清猿啼打一肖 】 for an offence she had barely realised she had committed. Lauren was kicked out of her home for emailing a non-church member (Image: Gofundme) Read MoreRelated ArticlesYoung girls pose for selfie with dead relative dug up from grave during bizarre annual ceremony She was kicked out after her father discovered an email she had【香港彩民之家高手论坛 】 sent to someone who was not a member of the church. Whats more, her family had their suspicions about Laurens changing attitude to the church and believed she had been causing problems by questioning their beliefs. Within days, her father had held a secret meeting with other church elders who decided the Lauren would be banished from the community. Without a chance to expla

in herself, or talk with her family, Lauren 【马报生肖对准表 】was told to pack her bags. She said: I came home from my nursing shift one day and my father kicked me out of the house. The banishment caught me off guard because I didnt ge【246跑狗图2020年058期 】t a chance to reason with my family, or expl【025期必中跑狗图 】ain why I disagreed with so many of their practices and beliefs. I did not initially want to leave, because I knew that meant I would be leaving my three younger siblings and not able to ret

urn home to visit them or my mother. Lauren returned from a nurs【贫困户住院是全报销吗 】ing shift one day to find her father had kicked her out of the house (Image: laurendrainfit/Instagram) Lauren and her husband, David, who has helped her through tough times in her life Read MoreRelated ArticlesWhat does God look like? The top 30 difficult questions kids ask parents They told me if I ever left the church, or was kicked out, then I would go to hell and probably die a horrible disease or suffer pu【买马白小姐 】nishment for my sins. Being forced to leave the church in such a way was devastating for Lau【香港马会正板葡京赌侠 】ren, but she admits she would have eventually left of her own accord. She said: I think it would have been a lot less traumatising, had I left on my own. I fell into a deep depression after my father cut me o【577777即时开奖 】ff from my family. I tried multiple times to contact my mother and reason with my family that I still desired to serve God. Losing three siblings and both of your parents all at once is one of the most heartbreaking traumas and I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. After leaving the church, it took Lauren a considerable amount of time to repair the damage the cult had do【2016年138期马报二四六 】ne to her identity, her self-esteem and her faith. She was forced to go it alone after her parents cut off all ties, refusing to even forward her post onto her. Laurens life changed dramatically when she was cut off from her parents (Image: laurendrainfit/Instagram) Lauren has bar【六宝典合管家婆资料 】ely had contact with her family in 10 years (Image: laurendrainfit/Instagram) Read MoreRelated ArticlesIm a Nazi, take your head towel off: Man hurls racist abuse at hijab-wearing teache【自看one笔记跑狗图 】r Lauren said: They didnt help me or check on me once in 10 years. I reached out multiple times, even once calling my mother when I felt suicidal, and even then all I was told was just pray. I had to grow up fast. I promised myself I wouldnt do anything in excess and prayed to God for guidance and strength. Lauren found happiness when she married her husband, David Kagan in February 2013. She recalled: On our first date, I asked David: So, have you googled my name yet? Youll find a few interesting things on there. Laurens name was brought into the spotlight after she appeared in the 2007 Louis Theroux documentary The Most Hated Family in America, which was broadcast on the BBC. He [David] wasnt immediately amused. It shocked him that someone would ask that on a first date. Lauren and her husband David Kagan (Image: laurendrainfit/Instagram) Lauren and David on their wedding day in 2013 (Image: Kiva Sutton) Read MoreRelated ArticlesDeath threat wont stop me being a Muslim and wearing a bikini, says Saira Khan But hes been extremely supportive and understanding of my past, and has helped me 【98期跑狗图彩图玄机图 】through all the tough moments in my life. Around three years ago, Lauren discovered her love for fitness. Alongside David, she began to use exercise as a way to combat the deep resentment she felt over losing her family. Now, the pair run Laurens fitness coaching business together after she recently gave up her job as a nurse to focus on her new vent【香港赛马会小学好吗? 】ure. Fitness saved my life. Its an excellent way to push your body physically through hard times and causes you to develop a mental strength you didnt think was possible. Its very therapeutic but I wouldnt attribute all of my success to fitness. I attribute it to my【72期三中三开的什么生肖 】 continued belief in a m【蓝月亮二四六精选资料308 】erciful God and meeting so many kind 【2020年1到27期跑狗图 】and inspiring people throughout my life. The WBC has an elitist mentality that they are the only ones who know it all. They also strongly discourage enjoying ANY of lifes pleasures. Lauren misses her family dearly (Image: Annandale Photography) Lauren says fitness saved her life (Image: laurendrainfit/Instagram) Read MoreRelated ArticlesDonald Trumps top spiritual adviser says opposing him is fighting against the hand of God Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap 【六肖美人图2017 】to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now Read MoreRelated ArticlesDonald Trumps top spiritual adviser says opposing him is fighting against the h【四肖八码期期准资料2020 】and of God I now focus on helping other people change their lives for the better through health and fitness. As a nurse I was always on the reactive side of healthcare and now I am able to help thousands o【2015年6合开奖记录 】f people through my fitness programmes and weight loss challenges. Being able to help so many people gives me purpose and drive to continue to be a better versio【跑马地赛马场赛马会 】n of myself for others. Lauren recently opened up her Instagram account to share inspirational images of her stunning fi

gure and workout routines. She ha【香港開獎直播現場2O丨9 】s amassed more than 3.6m followers, leading to her being dubbed worlds hottest nurse. Laurens entire family including her sister Taylor, 26, brother Boaz, 15, and youngest sister Faith, 13, are still members of the Westboro Baptist Church. She spoke to her dad a couple of months ago for the first time in a decade. Lauren ex【跑狗图彩色哪里找 高清 】plained: MTV was doing a documentary on my family and reached out to me thinking my father would do a meet-up. He didnt agree to the meet-up, but we were able to talk at length, for about two hours. It ended with him being disappointed in me and my life and saying my only hope is to go back to the church. But he did wish me well when I go to start a family. I pray that one day I am reunited with them. And I believe it will happen.