白小姐四肖选一肖期期 (UBS, StanChart settle 2009 Hong Kong IPO misconduct case

HONG KONG (Reuters) - UBS Group AG and Standard Chartered PLC have agreed to settl【今日3d黑圣手慢画玄机图 】e a case of alleged misconduct related to a 2009 IPO in Hong Kong, in a move expected to end uncertainty about the Swiss【管家婆平特藏码图网站 】 bank’s ability to lead stock listings in【2016正版九宫禁一肖 】 the

city. FILE 【2020出特规律公式 】PHOTO: A UBS advertisemen【跑狗信箱红字 高清 】t is displayed on【股票打一肖 】 top of a commercial building in Hong K【精准5码期期中2020 】ong, China May 2, 2017. REUTERS/B

obby Yip/File【新版跑狗图全图 】 PhotoWhile StanChar【雨猜一肖 】t closed its equity bus【2019年117期六合四不像图 】iness in 2015, UBS was expected to appeal an un【欲钱看一米三打一生肖 】precedented 18-month ban on s【2017年广州猜特诗 】ponsoring initial public offerings (IPOs) in the Asian financial hub, which was imposed, sources say, because of its role in the listing

of【一波中特计算公式 】 a firm that subsequently collapsed. StanChart and UBS banker Cen Tian 【小鱼的网站单双十码 】were scheduled to also appeal against disciplinary action by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) over alleged miscond【88平特一肖高手论坛j 】uct during the l【旺波七能挡一片打一肖 】isting o【白姐肖特马会玄机图诗迷 】f a now defunct Chinese timber company, which the two banks led. But the banks reached a se【1976一2020年开奖记录 】tt【2016年跑狗一字曰32期 】lement ahead of the appeals, a counsel for SFC, Jat Sew-Tong, told a three-member Securities and Futures【跑狗图百度点吧 】 Appeals Tribunal on Monday, adding that details of the settlement would be【葡萄京赌侠正版2018年 】 released at a later date. The high-profile case, one of many being investigated by the SFC, is seen as a test of【二四六文字资枓 大全 】 mounting scrutiny of IPO practices in a city where helping firms list is big business for banks. “The settlement is good news for UBS, as a【去年今天开什么马 】t least n【最老板葡京赌侠诗2020 】ow it knows what its capabil【中国梦凤凰三码 】ities are, said Benjamin Quinlan, CE【2020年41期跑狗彩报图 】O of consultancy Quinlan & Associates. A ban on leading IPOs, if implemented, would begin once the appeals process h【王中王正版资跑狗 】as been exhausted, but the uncertainty around whether or when 【在哪可以看东方心经玄机图 】it might come into effect has al【四十八期的新版跑狗图 】ready hurt UBS’ ability to pitch for sponsor work in Hong Kong. Last year, UBS, which was also fighting a HK$119 million ($15 million) fine from the 2009 IPO case, sponsored just one IPO, according to Dealogic, though it advised on ten in total. UBS and Standard Chartered in Hong Kong declined to comment on news of the settlement. An SFC spokesman said the regulator had noth【2017六开彩知识 】ing more to add. Whi

le UBS has not identified the IPO in question and the SFC has not confirmed it, people with knowledge of the matter have said it was that of China Forestry. The timber merchant raised $216 million in its IPO, but 14 months afte【惠泽社群综合资料大全 】r listing, trading of its shares was suspended when its auditor, KPMG, discovered irregularities. The company was subsequently liquidated. REGULATORY ACTION In the wake of a slew of scandals among newly traded firms earlier this decade, the SFC has been【2017年105期管家婆彩图 】 cracking down on banks not properly carrying out their duties a

s sponsor. In October, the SFC said it had issued nine IPO sponsors wit【新版跑狗图2020年27期 】h 【3的财运图库 】“decision notices informing them【87期玄机图 】 of intended enforcement measures. Hong Kong IPOs need at least one sponsoring bank, which typically takes the lead in running the I【新跑狗图2020年59期 】PO and collects a larger proportion of fees t【在哪里能玩到赌马机 】han banks listed only a【香港九龙内慕信息中心 】s bookrunners. FILE 【红花柳绿四季春打一肖 】PHOTO: A logo of Standard Chartered is displayed at the financial Central district in 【喜洋洋高手坛www777979 】Hong Kong, China November 23, 2017. REUTERS/Bobby Yip【六开彩63开奖结果 】/Fil【北斗星平特高手论坛 】e Ph【今期跑狗玄据图 】otoSponsors must conduct due diligence to assess the company being listed, and are responsible fo【梅花四字 】r assuring potential investors that its【99开奖网l香港最快开奖 】【香港马会 7303 】 IPO prospectus is accurate. Last year, t【神武3手游山水玄机图有用吗 】he SFC imposed a $7 mil【2016太极平特主论坛 】lion fine on 【大乐透开奖查询彩 】Citigroup for due diligence failures during its sponsorship of Real Gold Mining’s 2009 IPO and $3 million on China Construction Bank International ove【今晚最新特码资料 】r its sponsorship of the failed 2014 IPO of seafood company Fujian Dongya Aquatic. “We expect to see a number of the SFC’s sponsor actions reach a conclusion during the cou【三肖对串三中三多少组 】rse of 2019, law firm Freshfields said in a recent report.